WEEKEND SEMINAR in Riga May 2015

I think those who made a decision to come to our WES in Riga last weekend will never regret it! What a great seminar we had!

Fantastic guest speakers FOUNDERS CROWN from Ukraine IGOR & VALERIA KHARATIN. They speeches were educational, motivational, emotional and fun.

We are very grateful that they made a DECISION to visit our Baltic market.

Beside Igor and Valeria Kharatin our seminar was graced by other Diamond and above speakers such as:

  • Toivo and Anne Rande, Founders Diamonds from Estonia
  • Vyacheslav and Maria Petkevich, Founders Diamonds from Russia
  • Alexander and Svetlana Samokhin, Founders Diamonds from Russia
  • Konstantin Zolochevsky, Founders Diamond from Russia

WE do hope you made a lot of good DECISIONS during those three days, which will benefit in your life.

The distance between your DREAM and REALITY is called ACTION! So it is time to take a next step and reach a new level by our next Weekend Seminar in Tallinn on the 09-11th of October.



More pictures from our seminar you can find and order at following website: http://public.fotki.com/tipp500/wes-052015-riga/

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