Are you ready to MOVE, to take actions towards the new achievements! Keep going and set new goals for our next events:


NEXT WEEKEND SEMINAR will take place in TALLINN 19-21 May 2017. Special Guest Speakers for this seminar – Founders Crown Ambassadors from Ukraine ALEKSEY MAUTANOV and VERA ARHIPOVA

Please find flyers for this event below:


Next BBS (Business Building Seminar) will take place in April and guest speaker will be UMIT CORAPCI, Emerald from Turkey:

  • BBS in Tallinn, Estonia – on the 1th of April 2017
  • BBS in Riga, Latvia – on the 2nd of April 2017

Flyer for this event:
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 ENG
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 EST
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 LAT
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 RUS

WES Feb 2017 Riga

What an incredible time we had on this weekend in Riga. It was full of emotions and energy. We could describe this seminar with two words – wisdom and enthusiasm. Peter Matz, Crown from United States, shared with us his great knowledge and the craziest dreams.  What an example for all of us!

Peter Matz has said: ““Why to be average if You can be extraordinary”

We wish you all to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Our big big congratulations to all new achievers.

And now we start to look forward to our next WES which will take place in Tallinn on the 19-21 of May 2017. Please find flyers for this event here.