BBS March 2018

What a great BBSs we had last weekend! Thank you Darek Swiatkowski, Founders Diamond from Poland, for sharing the knowledge and experiences with all of us and for showing that using N21 system, building Amway business can be really easy.

WES Tallinn May 2017

What a fantastic event we had on this weekend in Tallinn. It was full of positive emotions and great knowledge. Our outstanding guest speakers ALEKSEY MAUTANOV and VERA ARHIPOVA, are such a warm, kind and professional people. It was a big honor for us to have them in Baltics. They created an amazing atmosphere, which we will remember for many years.

Vera Arhipova, FCA, has said: “Leave your excuse behind. We must do what’s right not what’s easy. Use your potential.“

Aleksey Mautanov, FCA: “Be an example in a real life – an example what YOU like to follow“

We thank all the leaders once again for 5 years of great cooperation.

Our big big congratulations to all new achievers.

And now let’s look forward to our next WES which will take place in Tallinn on the 20-22 October 2017. Please find flyers for this event here.


Photos by Tiit Hellenurm


WES Tallinn 19-21 May 2017

Weekend Seminar in Tallinn is getting closer and it it time to MOVE forward!

Our special guest speakers ALEKSEY MAUTANOV & VERA ARHIPOVA, Founders Crown Ambassadors from Ukraine has send us a personal message, please find it by clicking below: 


Are you ready to MOVE, to take actions towards the new achievements! Keep going and set new goals for our next events:


NEXT WEEKEND SEMINAR will take place in TALLINN 19-21 May 2017. Special Guest Speakers for this seminar – Founders Crown Ambassadors from Ukraine ALEKSEY MAUTANOV and VERA ARHIPOVA

Please find flyers for this event below:


Next BBS (Business Building Seminar) will take place in April and guest speaker will be UMIT CORAPCI, Emerald from Turkey:

  • BBS in Tallinn, Estonia – on the 1th of April 2017
  • BBS in Riga, Latvia – on the 2nd of April 2017

Flyer for this event:
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 ENG
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 EST
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 LAT
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 RUS

WES Feb 2017 Riga

What an incredible time we had on this weekend in Riga. It was full of emotions and energy. We could describe this seminar with two words – wisdom and enthusiasm. Peter Matz, Crown from United States, shared with us his great knowledge and the craziest dreams.  What an example for all of us!

Peter Matz has said: ““Why to be average if You can be extraordinary”

We wish you all to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Our big big congratulations to all new achievers.

And now we start to look forward to our next WES which will take place in Tallinn on the 19-21 of May 2017. Please find flyers for this event here.


Network TwentyOne invites you to our next WEEKEND SEMINAR, which will take place in RIGA 10-12 February 2017.

Special Guest Speaker for this seminar is PETER MATZ, Crown from United States.
Please find FLYERS HERE:


Before our great WES in Riga we are going to have BBS – BUSINESS BUILDING SEMINAR:

  • BBS in Tallinn, Estonia – on the 14th of January 2017
  • BBS in Riga, Latvia – on the 15th of January 2017

Our guest speaker is VLADIMIR SAMOKHIN, Diamond from Ukraine:
Please find FLYER HERE.


WES October 2016 Tallinn

What a wonderful WEEKEND we had with amazing guest speakers
Ray and Karla Keller, Diamonds from United States. They helped to create an amazing atmosphere and fulfilled us with positive and encouraging energy.

Hope you all got your VISION.

Few great advises from our WES speakers:

RAY KELLER: “Your mind gives you back that what you have put in it.”
KARLA KELLE: „This business is in your head. It is in your thoughts. When you understand it you will start to build a right thing.”

Toivo Rande “All important things in the world has been done thank to the enthusiasm or due to the lack of it.”
Vyacheslav Petkevich: “You need to create a right attitude to the things what will happen anyway.”
Susanna Hanelles “If someone wants to help you give him a chance”


And one more time our big big congratulations to the NEW EMERALDS:
Algis and Guna Lukosjus

Valdis and Agnija Pelnens


See you in RIGA in 10-12 February 2017. 

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WES Tallinn 14-16 October 2016

Vison without Action is merely a dream.
Action without vision just passes the time.
Vision with action can change the world.
<Joel A. Barker>
 So come to the Weekend Seminar – get a Vision and start an Action!   


Our Guest Speakers RAY & KARLA KELLERS, Diamonds from United States, has sent us a special greeting:
 Please find FLYERS for this WEEKEND SEMINAR on the links below:
You can get even more from this event, if  you fulfill the conditions of qualifications: SPECIAL MEETINGS AND INCENTIVES 
  • Qualification: 10+ or qualified LC at the WES (10+ in 2 teams: 5+ and 1+)
  • Qualification:  20+ or qualified ELC at the WES (20+ in 3 teams: 10+, 5+, 1+)
  • Award: Teaching from the best speakers!
RECEPTION for NEW qualified 40+ and NEW ELC, NEW Silvers and above
  • Qualification: NEW 40+ Achievers, all NEW ELC, NEW Silvers and above
  • Award: Reception and Photo with main speakers Ray and Karla Kellers
  • Qualification: 3 NEW personally invited persons at WES
  • Award: Recognition on stage, VIP ribbon
  • Qualification: First time qualified LC, ELC, Executive Platinum, Silver Producer & above
  • Award: Recognition on the stage, Reserved seat in Achiever’s section just behind the VIP zone.
  • Qualification: Min. 40 people at the WES from 4 teams (10+, 10+, 5+, 1+)
  • Award: Reserved seats, VIP ribbon, Special Entrance, 1st time qualifiers will be recognized on stage.

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Free Enterprise RIGA 2016

We can still feel the energy from the exceptional event we have had in Riga last weekend? It was truly unforgettable!

For the first time in Baltic’s, we had chance to welcome amazing NANCY DORNAN, who shared with us her unique passion and great wisdom. What an honor to welcome N21 Founder and Founders Crown Ambassador from USA on N21 stage!

Besides remarkable Nancy Dornan, we had privilege to welcome HANS NUSSHOLD The Crown Ambassador from Austria. He gave us fantastic learning experience and push to work harder to reach our goals.  

We were happy and honored to welcome on the stage of FREE ENTERPRISE Diamonds and above speakers:
–        Aleksey Mautanov, Founder Crown Ambassador from Ukraine. He has surprised many of us with such beautiful English.  We are excited to see him soon on the English speaking stages of N21. There are no doubts he is one of the best teachers in N21.

–        Per & Ayta Mansson, Double Diamonds from Sweden. Beautiful people with great vision for their life. 

–        Marek &  Izabela Bujwicki, Double Diamonds from Poland. I think we all are a bit jealous of those leaders, we all would like to have such great memories from around the world… but the best thing is, we can still have it!

–        Toivo Rande, Founders Diamond from Estonia. If everyone has the same passion as Toivo for this business, we would have only Diamonds in the world.

We were also highly motivated by Diamonds, who have taken us out from our comfort zone (Mats Holmberg, Diamond from Aland), showed that no matter what age you are you can start this business (Håkan & Suzan Modiér, Diamonds from Sweden), explain importance of building LC till next WES (Pia Hagman, Diamond from Sweden) and inspire to design your own vision, what will help you to move forward (Les Hetnal, Diamond from Poland).


Nancy Dornan has said – Dreaming is for free” and “Your thoughts are your tools or your weapons” So think about what you are dreaming about and use those thought wisely!

Hans Nusshold said – “Everything we have now is a result of our habits”. If anybody changes its own habits until next WES it will be our great success!


See you at Autumn WES in Tallinn 14-16 Oct 2016 and we wish to see you all seating in Achievers section, these are the best places in venue 🙂 !

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