What an unbelievable Free Enterprise, with lots of emotions, memories, inspiration and energy, that will help us move our business to the next level!
Click on the link and enjoy this video message from David Dornan and please feel free to share it with your groups!

WES Tallinn May 2017

What a fantastic event we had on this weekend in Tallinn. It was full of positive emotions and great knowledge. Our outstanding guest speakers ALEKSEY MAUTANOV and VERA ARHIPOVA, are such a warm, kind and professional people. It was a big honor for us to have them in Baltics. They created an amazing atmosphere, which we will remember for many years.

Vera Arhipova, FCA, has said: “Leave your excuse behind. We must do what’s right not what’s easy. Use your potential.“

Aleksey Mautanov, FCA: “Be an example in a real life – an example what YOU like to follow“

We thank all the leaders once again for 5 years of great cooperation.

Our big big congratulations to all new achievers.

And now let’s look forward to our next WES which will take place in Tallinn on the 20-22 October 2017. Please find flyers for this event here.


Photos by Tiit Hellenurm



Are you ready to MOVE, to take actions towards the new achievements! Keep going and set new goals for our next events:


NEXT WEEKEND SEMINAR will take place in TALLINN 19-21 May 2017. Special Guest Speakers for this seminar – Founders Crown Ambassadors from Ukraine ALEKSEY MAUTANOV and VERA ARHIPOVA

Please find flyers for this event below:


Next BBS (Business Building Seminar) will take place in April and guest speaker will be UMIT CORAPCI, Emerald from Turkey:

  • BBS in Tallinn, Estonia – on the 1th of April 2017
  • BBS in Riga, Latvia – on the 2nd of April 2017

Flyer for this event:
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 ENG
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 EST
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 LAT
Flyer BBS Apr 2017 RUS

WES Feb 2017 Riga

What an incredible time we had on this weekend in Riga. It was full of emotions and energy. We could describe this seminar with two words – wisdom and enthusiasm. Peter Matz, Crown from United States, shared with us his great knowledge and the craziest dreams.  What an example for all of us!

Peter Matz has said: ““Why to be average if You can be extraordinary”

We wish you all to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Our big big congratulations to all new achievers.

And now we start to look forward to our next WES which will take place in Tallinn on the 19-21 of May 2017. Please find flyers for this event here.

Northern European FREE ENTERPRIS

RIGA, LATVIA, 03-05 June 2016

Are you ready to get an international experience and attend the event with 8 Northern European countries. This can be a lifechanging event – its all in your hands! Set the right goal for yourself and your team!

Our Exceptional Guest Speakers has special greeting for you.

NANCY DORNAN – Founders Crown Ambassador from USA & Founder of Network TwentyOne. Special greeting from Nancy Dornan

HANS NUSSHOLD – Crown Ambassador from Austria. Special greeting from Hans Nusshold

WEEKEND SEMINAR in Tallinn October 2015

It was perfect REFRESHMENT for our everyday lives!

Our amazing guest speaker SIMON THOMPSON gave us an inspiration, positive energy and great knowledge.

Hope you all are ready to KEEP GOING!!

Beside of the fantastic speaker Simon Thompson, we were happy to hear from:
–  Toivo and Anne Rande, Founders Diamonds from Estonia:
“What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of advice do you have for your kids and for yourself?”

  Vyacheslav Petkevich, Founders Diamond from Russia:
“We think we depend on the situation. But the truth is we create the situation.“

Mats Holmberg, Diamonds from Finland:
“Step out from your comfort zone! It´s easy to be an average! BE MORE”

Susanna Hanneles, Diamond from Finland:
“In this business we learn how to create your life with passion. If your habits do not match with your dreams, then you have to change your habits or your dreams.”

Simon Thompson has said:
“Find big enough dream, which can´t be influenced by other opinions.”


And one more time our big big congratulations to the NEW EMERALDS:
– Ilona and Normunds Priednieki

– Riina Juhanson


We do hope you will keep the energy of the seminar and it will help you to achieve new goals and levels, which you will be able to share with us at the next Weekend Seminar in February.



More pictures from the event:
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WES 9-11 Oct 2015 Tallinn

Sometimes we get stuck in our daily rituals and routines and we forget to reset, renew and REFRESH. Do you need to refresh your goals? So come to Weekend Seminar 9-11 Oct 2015 in Tallinn and hit the refresh button on your business?

Our special guest speaker Simon Thompson is looking forward to come to Estonia and share his knowledge with you. Please view greeting from Simon Thompson here.

WEEKEND SEMINAR in Riga May 2015

I think those who made a decision to come to our WES in Riga last weekend will never regret it! What a great seminar we had!

Fantastic guest speakers FOUNDERS CROWN from Ukraine IGOR & VALERIA KHARATIN. They speeches were educational, motivational, emotional and fun.

We are very grateful that they made a DECISION to visit our Baltic market.

Beside Igor and Valeria Kharatin our seminar was graced by other Diamond and above speakers such as:

  • Toivo and Anne Rande, Founders Diamonds from Estonia
  • Vyacheslav and Maria Petkevich, Founders Diamonds from Russia
  • Alexander and Svetlana Samokhin, Founders Diamonds from Russia
  • Konstantin Zolochevsky, Founders Diamond from Russia

WE do hope you made a lot of good DECISIONS during those three days, which will benefit in your life.

The distance between your DREAM and REALITY is called ACTION! So it is time to take a next step and reach a new level by our next Weekend Seminar in Tallinn on the 09-11th of October.



More pictures from our seminar you can find and order at following website:

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FREE ENTERPRISE in Helsinki 2014 Grandiose and Unforgettable!

Thank you everybody who participated at the FREE ENTERPRISE 2014. It was a very emotional and important event for everyone. We had honor to host:

  • 22 Diamonds and above
  • 60 Emeralds and above
  • 400 Platinum and above

Friday stared with Leaders Meeting with Crown Ambassador from Austria HANS NUSSHOLD remarkable speech. Who have not had chance to be a part of the meeting, you are FREE to start learning and working towards achieving the level by the February WES!

Magnificent and absolutely fantastic speeches were provided by Founder Diamonds from USA David ja Jules Dornan, during the all seminar. David perfectly pointed out the main steps of building the Network business.

At the Free Enterprise we have got a wonderful experience with Panel Discussion. We heard the great stories from people who are very active at the business.


There were many other amazing speakers who made the Free Enterprise an unforgettable event:

Toivo Rande- Founder Diamond from Estonia


Trevor Lowe – Double Diamond from UK
Per and Ayta Mansson- Double Diamonds from Sweden,
Jan and Pia Hagman – Diamond from Sweden
Mats Holmberg – Diamond from Sweden
Susanna Hanelles – Diamond from Finland,
Andres and Ilo Pärt – Apprentice Diamonds from Estonia
Ben and Anina Jaskari – Emeralds from Finland

And very special guest from Amway – Leszek Krecielewski, Vice President Sales Europe & Africa.

And now we are looking forward to Weekend Seminar in February 2015 in Tallinn for  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland!

You can find memorable pictures made by Peeter Hütt on the link below:


 Getting ready for WES in Riga nobody could expect that it is going to go that way.
Friday was summarized by our Guest Speaker: Massimo Bini- Executive Diamond from Italy, who  gave everyone just fantastic lesson of Amway Business Building and Management based on Network TwentyOne learning system. 
His tree speeches at WES were just one great lesson for everyone starting from those who are 1st time at WES till Diamonds and above.
 Saturday end up with tears while listening to Olga Levashova- Diamond from Ukraine, who touched everyone hearts and ensured that even if you do not see any future, you can just build it.
 Sunday, Mats Holmber- Diamond from Finland, finished WES with great Kick of Motivation to Move forward and achieve New level at next WES. 
It could not be better speech for the end of Sunday session.
Of course to make WES special there were many other speakers to mention:
Per and Ayta Mansson- Double Diamonds from Sweden,
Toivo Rande- Founder Diamond from Estonia,
Hakan Modier- Diamond from Sweden,
Susanna Hintikainen-Diamond from Finland, 
Andres and Ilo Pärt- Apprentice Diamonds from Estonia 
Ben and Anina Jaskari- Emeralds from Finland and 
Olari Miiter and Tiina Villsaar- Apprentice Emeralds from Estonia.
 Event was unforgettable also thanks to extraordinary set up, what take breath of many leaders who had been at many WESes before.
 But now, we are looking forward to GO DIAMOND in Hungary and following it  Free Enterprise in Finland, 
where all Scandinavia and Baltics leaders are coming together to celebrate FREEdom with Dave and Jules Dornan- Founder Diamonds from USA.